Client of Japan visit LPMIE

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Update time : 2017-12-07 16:21:59
A client of Japan were visiting Liaoyang Phama Machinery Co.,Ltd (LPMIE) to inspect the Pharmaceutical Machine they have ordered,November 21,2017.
During this period,the client and LPMIE's staff  had a technical communication for this kind of machines’ related issue.He inspected the machine very carefully,and at the same time he had learned the operation and maintenance technique.The client was very satisfied with the results of inspection, he gave high praise to LPMIE's staff for their professional and patient,and he hope to keep a long-term relationship with LPMIE.
As more and more clients from different countries were visiting LPMIE,it seems that the company has more competitive advantages than other enterprises.Meanwhile, The products of LPMIE got excellent quality and they has strong international competitiveness.Hope LPMIE launch more and better products and provide clients with  high quality service.