Lab use small capacity hard capsule filling machine

Item No.: LSP-187
Our company is a professional manufacturer of LSP-187 capsule split-fitting machine, and is the developer of the first capsule split-fitting machine in the country. The plywood and middle board produced by our company have excellent fitting function. Many
Product parameters
Model: LSP-187
Capacity: 3000-8000pcs/h
Weight: 125kg
Dimension: 900x500x950mm
Lab Use Capsule Filling Machine


1, Overall stainless steel, GMP standard;

2, Simple structure, small power consumption, high production efficiency, easy maintenance, cleaning, failure rate is extremely low;

3 Suitable for all kinds capsules for a variety of powder and granule filling (need to change the mold);

4 Easy to operate, 5 minutes can fully learn operation;


Model LSP-187
Material Stainless steel
Voltage 220V/110V 50Hz
Power 370W
Capacity 3000-10000pcs/h
Dimension 900x500x950mm
Weight 125kg

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