Laundry Detergent Capsules Filling And Sealing Machine

Item No.: LPMIE314
Laundry detergent capsules filling and sealing machine can complete the filling and sealing of the laundry detergent capsules. It is applied to single color, two-color and three-color.
Product parameters
Model: LPS-30
Capacity: 50-60/min
Power: 4.5kw
Weight: 450
Dimension: 1700 * 1000 * 1800mm

Main Features

The equipment adopts international advanced technology. It is applicable to the materials of PVA resin water-soluble film polymers that dissolve rapidly in water. The equipment is dual-purpose and can be used in different dosage forms such as viscous body and micro particles. Four side sealed packaging, accurate measurement, fast packaging speed and beautiful finished products. The machine adopts microcomputer PLC programmable control and photoelectric sensing. The main electrical components are imported components, which can be stable and reliable, and the operation is convenient. The machine adopts servo motor transmission, with more accurate positioning and stable operation.


Technical Parameters

Model LPS-30
Bag size Customized according to customers
Packing speed 50-60 bags / min
Packing volume 5-30g
Measurement accuracy 1.5%
Maximum diameter of roll film 300mm
Inner hole diameter of packaging drum film 70-80mm
Machine power 4.5kw
Voltage 380V / 50Hz
Overall dimension 1700 * 1000 * 1800mm