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TTGG High-speed Liquid-Filling Screwing Machine

 Basic Info
  Bottle range: 20-500ml
  Sealing rate: ≥98%
  Power: 380V 50Hz
  Weight: 900kg
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TTGG's suitable for 10-500ml serices glass and plastic bottle. Filled by the piston plunger pump and transported the cover by electronic-oscillator, can seal the metal or plastic cover, It can combine the front and back product equipments in a product line. In addition you can choose dust-free cover to prevent the dust from the machine.

Technical data:

1. Bottle range: 10-500ml
2. Walt wastage: 3kW
3. Sealing rate: ≥98%
4. Weight: 900kg
5. Power: 380V 50Hz
6. Output:

10-30ml: 150-500bottle/min
30-150ml: 120-150bottle/min
200-500ml: 80-120bottle/min




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