Steel Bar Cutting Machine Round/Square/Hexagonal Steel Rod Cutter

Item No.: LPMIE382
Automatic hexagonal metal steel bar cutting machine
No need for labor, flat section, low noise, energy saving
Product parameters
Capacity: 30-50times/min
Power: 11KW
Weight: 1500KG
Dimension: 1600x1600x1700mm
Automatic Round/Square/Hexagonal Metal Steel bar Cutting Machine



1. It adopts fully automatic feeding rack, no need for manual feeding, turning and feeding, one person with multiple machines. Reduce labor intensity and save cost.

2.Professional double metal sliding guide, anti-wear, durability and good

3.Fully enclosed clamshell knife mold, easy to change the knife, 360 degree rotation, repeated use, longer service life

4.reinforced gear alloy steel production, standardizing heat treatment, transmission torque

5. Reasonable retaining design makes the size of the blanking more accurate, the weight deviation is smaller, and the section flatness is higher

6.Reasonable design of retaining mechanism to make the size of blanking accurate and easy to adjust

7.The equipment adopts automatic centering device, cutting round steel of different diameters without adjusting the height of the feeding frame

8.Professional bimetal sliding guide, good wear resistance and durability

9.Guide rail lubrication automatic oil pump added, automatic alarm for oil cut


Max Diameter 40mm
Speed 30-50tims/min
Motor Power 11Kw
Weight 1.7ton
Dimension 1600x1600x1700mm